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(Additional names of the individuals for whom we should make badges. If you do not know yet who all will be representing your company, organization, or school, you will still be able to submit your registration. Please remember to email josh@ncpubliccharters.org once you determine who will be attending so we can include those individuals on our check-in list and have a badge ready for them when they arrive.)

Please complete the bulk registration form in the link below. Save the completed form to your computer, and attach the file in an email to josh@ncpubliccharters.org

2017 Conference Attendee Bulk Registration Form


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Please proceed to complete and submit your registration. We will send you an invoice within 1 business day via email. There, you will submit payment via eCheck. You will be expected to make payment upon receipt of invoice.
Please have your check delivered to the following address no later than 10 business days from the date you receive your invoice:

North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools
242 West Millbrook Road
Raleigh, NC 27609

You will receive your invoice within 1 business day.

Trouble registering?   Clear first input field above blue 2017 Attendee Registration Form, and make sure the Zip Code field above Zip Code contains only digits. If there’s still a problem email josh@ncpublicchcarters.org